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International Women's Coffee Alliance

The International Women's Coffee Alliance (IWCA) mission:

"to empower women in the international coffee community to achieve meaningful and sustainable lives; and to encourage and recognize the participation of women in all aspects of the coffee industry."

 Their works includes projects for Leadership Development, Community Improvement, Coffee Training, Capital and Construction and much more.  We proudly support this organization.

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Water!!!   Without water there simply is no coffee industry.  From farming, to processing, to brewing coffee...without water we would not be able to enjoy this beverage we love nor work in the industry that employs so many of us. works to provide clean water to millions of people across the globe, including many coffee producing regions. Below is a link to one of their projects which directly helped a small coffee producer in Uganda: 

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By supporting Bridger Creek Coffee, you are also supporting these important causes (and receiving great coffee too!!).  Thank you.